All Saints Anglican Church Library

The purpose of the All Saints Anglican Church Library is to provide books and materials to support the mission of the Church; to undergird its teaching and preaching; and to inspire and encourage its members in their Christian walk.  The library is located in the Narthex .


Use of the Library


Displays in the library highlight books from the collection or materials to support private study or worship.  Books in the displays may be checked out. The library is open for use by members whenever the church is open. The library operates on a self-serve, honor-based system.  Materials may be checked out by following the Check Out Procedures posted in the library.  The books are classified according to the Dewey Decimal System. At this time, books can be found by title, author and subject on the list on the clipboard labeled “CATALOG” in the library.  You may also see the librarian.

Donations to the Library


You may purchase a book, make a monetary donation, or give a book that you are no longer using.  We ask that a donated book:

-Be relevant to the Christian faith and life.

-Be current (i.e., publishing date no earlier than 2008, except for classics.

-Have no underlining, highlighting, notes in the margin or damage. 


If All Saints cannot use a book you donate and you would like it returned please include a note

to that effect with your donation, otherwise, the book will be donated to a Christian charity that

distributes books to those in need domestically or internationally



Recommendations, through the associates program



Most editions are listed at a 30% discount.  Availibilty is sporadic:

-Genuine Leather,  Black or Burgundy ($42)

-Bonded Leather,  Black or Burgundy ($28)

-Hardcover, Black or Burgundy ($18)



C.S. Lewis


Mere Christianity ($15)

The Screwtape Letters ($15)

The Great Divorce ($10)

The Problem of Pain ($9)

The Abolition of Man ($9)

The Four Loves ($13)

The Complete C.S. Lewis Signature Classics ($35)



Parishoners Recommendations


Faith and Practice by Frank E. Wilson ($20) - Father Hines

My Utmost for His Highest (King James Version) by Oswald Chambers "This is a devotional book with meditation for every day. 

I found it to be very helpful for both my own devotional study and for some sermons." ($11) - Bishop Schultz

The Business of Heaven: Daily readings from C.S. Lewis "Another book that is very good for daily meditations.  I've alternated

reading these books every day for several years now and I always get something out of them." ($11) - Bishop Schultz

Wide as the Waters: The story of the English Bible and the Revolution it inspired by Benson Bobrick ($18) - Jim Lipsey


The books run a gamut  from a collection of sermons - All is Grace: a collection of pastoral sermons by the first Archbishop

Robert Sherwood Morse,  to a biography of Martin Luther, several books on prayer, meditation and worship, as well as a

history of the "continuing  Anglican movement" by Bishop Paul Hewett and a book of commentary on the American prayer book.


Six displays of material were highlighted in the library and through the newsletter.   To help with understanding meditating

on the new testament readings for evening prayer listed in the Book of Common Prayer,  commentary by William Barclay is

now included in the display.  All items in the display are available for check out. 


The American Church Union


are the publishers for the Anglican Province of Christ the King, witnesses to sacramental, historic, and Anglo-

Catholic faith and practice in the tradition of Shakespeare, John Donne, T.S. Eliot, Dom Gregory Dix, and C.S. Lewis. We offer

Church School curricula, books for children and adults, Anglican theological works, aids to worship and church life, reprints of

Anglican classics, and recommended reading. We welcome you to browse through our current offerings at: