The Anglican Province of Christ the King follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, standing by the historic faith in the Episcopal tradition.  The guiding principles of this faith are in the 1928 Book of Common Prayer and, more importantly, in the teachings of the two testaments and in the 2000-year tradition of the Christian Church.  It is a faith entrusted to us that we might, with God's help, maintain and enlarge in our own time, and pass on undiminished to those who follow us.

The Anglican Province of Christ the King is an independent body of Episcopal Churches that was formed in 1978 to ensure the continuation of historic Anglican Christianity in America.  The need for a new Province arose because of changes in 1976 in the fundamental faith and practice of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America. (ECUSA).  Concerned by these changes, a group of Episcopal clergy and laity gathered in St. Louis Missouri in 1977 and subscibed to the statement of faith known as the Affirmation of St. Louis, in which they confirmed their commitment to orthodox Christianity and Anglican teachings.  Acting under the authority of this affirmation, six Western parishes of the Episcopal Church joined together to form the Anglican Diocese now The Province of Christ the King.  The Rev. Robert Sherwood Morse, rector of St. Peter's Church in Oakland, California was elected Bishop and consecrated (the requisite three Bishops having consented) on January 28, 1978.  The Rt. Rev Albert A. Chambers, retired Bishop of Springfield, Illinois, served as chief consecrator.

In the years since its small beginnings, the Anglican Province of Christ the King has grown into a Province of three dioceses - the Diocese of the Western States, the Diocese of the Atlantic States and the Diocese of the Southwestern States.  These dioceses, each with its own Bishop and now embracing over 60 parishes, are commited to establishing new parishes throughout the United States.

To sustain rapid growth, the Anglican Province of Christ the King founded St. Joseph of Arimathea Anglican Theological College in Berkeley, California.  Since 1979, the seminary has supplied an increasing number of committed and learned clergymen to parishes throughout the Province.

The Anglican Province of Christ the King:

St. Joseph of Arimathea Anglican Theological College: