Deacon Emeritus,Robert Wilson

           Deacon  Wilson




Bob Wilson was ordained to the Diaconate Sunday, November 4 2007.


Traditionally, deacons were called out from among the laity in order to help the priests and bishops in their service to the poor and in their administering of the Sacraments (Acts 6:1-6). Deacon Wilson is a great help in both of these areas. Before his ordination, he already did much to serve this parish and its people, and we are confident that his service and sacrifice will only increase from here.


His ordination weekend was one of the most meaningful and enjoyable events ever held at All Saints Church, and as always, the parish worked together to ensure a smooth and efficient schedule of events.


Bob Wilson’s ordination to Holy Orders on that Sunday morning, drew 129 people, the church was filled to capacity for the Rite of Ordination and the Solemn Eucharist of the Holy Ghost. In his sermon, Bishop Schultz noted the significance of the Order of Deacons in the life of the Church and reminded the candidate of the several responsibilities he will have in serving the people of All Saints.


Following the Service, the Archbishop presented Deacon Wilson with the official certification of Ordination to the Deaconate, and Father Hines acknowledged the red stole which was the gift from our parish. After expressing his appreciation to the Archbishop and the parish, Deacon Wilson was presented with the white alb from the parish and four additional new stoles in the other basic liturgical colors of the Church by his grandchildren on behalf of his family.


Deacon Wilson retired June of 2020.  Deacon was a founding member of this parish.  We thank him for his years of service.  May God bless him.



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