Several of the young adults who are so inclined practice with and play with the Choir on Sundays.  We are blessed that many of our youth have strong musical desires.  We encourage them to join in as often as they can.


KIDS FEEDING KIDS (May collection program) Snacks collected during May will be used by our Kids Make a Difference program during the summer months. Those kids will prepare snack bags and kid-friendly meals for their fellow students whose families are struggling. Kid-friendly items needed: Breakfast cereal bars Packaged lunches (Lunchables) Microwavable macaroni and cheese Cheese and cracker snack packs Individually packaged crackers and pretzels.




every August  at a nearby park

Don't miss this time of fellowship with your church family and other believers for our church Picnic.  Come to church dressed casual.  The Mens Group are cooking out and setting up games. 


Calling all parents!! Bring your children to a Kane County baseball game this summer.  Look for announcements of date and game time.


Also scheduled for the Spring is a fishing tournament at a local lake.   And, this summer get ready for minigolf again.   


For the adults, we will be doing an event at Drury Lane theatre this fall.  The ACM is hosting.  Play at 7:00 PM and dinner directly thereafter.


Check the Sanctus for the monthly luncheon hosted by the ACW.




Bishop Morse Summer Camp Announcement

When: June 26th to June 30th - Plan to arrive Sunday the 25th and Leave Friday the 30th

Where: Redding, CA – St. Luke’s Parish

·        We are renting a houseboat on Lake Shasta which can accommodate about 15 people

·        (Lake Shasta is FULLER than it has been in years)

·        We guarantee the food we shall cook will be much better than the food in Washington was

·        The fee is $300.00 and there is some scholarship money available

·        The Parish Priest is responsible for vetting the campers

·        APCK campers have priority. Age range is 14 to 20 but call if there are questions.

·        We will have some day trips to Shasta Caverns and other places like Burney Falls – hiking, fishing and other adventures included

·        We will coordinate travel from airports to Redding but parishes are responsible for getting their campers to Sacramento, Redding or Lake Shasta.

Time is short

If you are interested, call Bishop Ashman 818-749-8139 – bishopashman@gmail.com