All SAINTS Choir

Robert Saul  Choir Director

This year, the parish has continued to be blessed with a very dedicated choir. I wish to thank everyone for his or her hard work and talent, as well as the many hours of their time and concentration to make our liturgies as meaningful as possible for all.

In review of the past year, we have increased the number of choristers.  But even though we have sometimes been small in number, we have still produced music of great quality.  As in past seasons, the choir has opted to sing throughout the entire year providing a weekly Offertory Anthem as well as providing leadership in the Mass.  We have continued to build our repertoire and to develop our skills.

We had the pleasure of including several younger parishioners as instrumentalists throughout the year and I plan to encourage these enthusiastic youngsters to continue to participate in our celebrations.

Members of our choir have graciously spent extra time in rehearsing descants, new anthems, and new hymns for many of our services.  Their extra preparation and study has resulted in music delivered with great confidence and enjoyment.   Whenever possible, I hope to continue to forward our choristers recordings of future pieces, in addition to rehearsing with them on Sunday mornings.  We look forward to another year of great music making.


Robert Saul


WORSHIP Sundays at 9:30 AM and Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM